8 Tell everyone in the battery when the often overlooked a small detail that the battery contacts. True for various brand-name cell phone batteries, their contacts mostly been annealed, it should be matte, not shiny, laptop battery so it can be initially determined based on what cell phone battery for authenticity. Also closer look at the color contacts, fake cell phone battery contacts are often made of copper, so it's the color red or white, but really this is the cell phone battery should be pure gold $, redness or there may be white on a fake.

Read the above simple and useful little knowledge, I believe you now have mobile phone batteries have a certain understanding? Hope for the people around you and your benefit, so as not cheated, and you can buy genuine mobile phone battery.

Page 5: 9 laptop battery power saving tips

Durable laptop battery is a lot of people do not encounter problems, today Xiaobian to introduce several notebook battery-saving tips, laptop batteries we want to help.

* Reduce the brightness of the screen. And while the ThinkPad notebook computer equipped with a keyboard light ThinkLight, but in order to power, it's best only under the conditions in the dark to enjoy her care.

* When not using a wireless receiver device, turn it off.

* Some users love something all right to open a CD or DVD to play music, the battery came out of the music playing quietly flow away. Suggest that you only want to enjoy the music came alive again.

* Battery during charge and discharge completely as possible.

* Try to avoid very high or very low temperatures. For example, when you are on the beach when the sun, do not leave your laptop in the car sauna.

* For your notebook computer using the cheap laptop battery correct AC adapter.

* Use the standard laptop battery management software optimized for Battery MaxiMiser choose to extend the power of your program.

* To monitor, hard disk and system hibernation discount laptop batteries set a standby time - because you do not work without the need to make your laptop is still running at full capacity.

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